April 24, 2011

What's In For Spring/Summer 2011

Here's what's hot this season!

Biker Chic: 90% of this look is the jacket and the boots. You can not go wrong if you stick to leather and black.

The 70's: Wide leg, crop tops, maxi skirts, etc. This throwback look is big this season

Cut-Out Dresses: The more designs in the cut-out, the better. This style has been on a lot of red carpets this year.

Feathered/ Fringed: This trend is tricky, but it looks fly on those who can pull it off.

Pajama Swag: Harem pants is another look that can be difficult to make work. I find that if your butt and thighs are curvy it won't look good. You have to get harem pants that falls the right way on your shape. Otherwise they can look like you have on a diaper = / 

Check out the styles in motion:

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